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Learn Chinese in China

Chinese Word Native Pronunciation in Context

Larry Language Lover

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Here's a cool link where you can enter any Chinese character or word and hear it used in context by native Chinese speakers in tons of different Youtube videos.

You can also choose Mainland, Hong Kong, or Taiwan accent.

The site also works for several other languages.



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1 hour ago, Larry Language Lover said:

You can also choose Mainland, Hong Kong, or Taiwan accent.

This feature doesn't work. Choosing mainland will still give you Taiwanese videos (20 videos in half of them are Taiwanese). TedX talks held in Taiwan are the biggest issue with this system. Same goes for 一席 Yixi, which is kind of the Chinese TedX. 

Also, the engine says "Hong Kongnese" Mandarin. But ALL the videos are in Cantonese.

My advice; if you want to listen to proper pronunciation you should probably just watch on the the dozens of channels from Mainland China which post all their content on Youtube for free. Content you have to pay for in China is free in Youtube because Chinese television can't be bothered monetizing their programs in the west through a separate service. 

EDIT: If you make use of YT recommendations, then make sure you get on another Google account. As your history will be filled with these videos, and your recommendations are based on the last 100 videos you've watched (I think). 

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