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Downloading Chinese Audio Files?

Larry Language Lover

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Larry Language Lover

Does anyone know if it's possible to download free audio files to my mp3 player from an online audio player with no download button?

I have been checking out the Chinese audio files on both The Chairman's Bao and Yu Chinese reading apps and websites.   TCB does provide a download button but Yu Chinese does not that I can see.

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Larry Language Lover
1 hour ago, Wurstmann said:

Yes, that's possible. Right click and choose "inspect element" or whatever it is called in your browser. Then go to the network section and press play. The mp3 file will show up there and you can save it.


Yes!  Thanks.  Right after I wrote the post I did a little youtube video search and found this method.  Works great!

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You can also download the audio and/or video from anything on youtube by replacing youtube.com with youtubepp.com in the URL bar, which sends you to a download link at youtubeconverter.io 

If you're a teacher, this is really handy for saving teaching material where you can't be certain you'll be able to connect your VPN (or even have internet access) in your class.  Also if you just want to save content to your phone for self-study.


As for Ximalaya.fm, which has loads of great content, it used to be possible to use the technique described by @Wurstmann but in the last year or so they introduced a layer of obfuscation that makes it no longer possible.  In such cases (and in fact for any streaming site) you could always record your computer's audio output in real time using software like Audio Hijack, but it's a bit of a nuisance, and you have to pay for the software.  I've found it useful in "emergencies". 



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