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Non-Chinese TV recommendations

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Prompted by this.


Here's what I've been enjoying lately. Links are to trailers. 


High Seas (Alta Mar). Thriller, played for laughs at points, think Agatha Christie on a boat. Watch until: end of first episode.

Babylon Berlin. Weimar Republic noir. Lots of factions and players to keep track of. Watch until: Second episode dance scene. It's available as two seasons, but it's just one story, so you need to watch the lot. I'm only halfway through. Forgive the dubbing in the trailer, couldn't find a subtitled trailer. 

Counterpart. JK Simmons sci-fi - an experiment in pre-fall-of-the-wall Berlin created two parallel earths. 30 years later, the two timelines have diverged and all is not well. Simmons' scenes with himself are fantastic. Watch until.. can't remember any particularly good bits.

Crashing and Fleabag. Both Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The first cruder and less dark. If you think you like British humour, watch these to check. One episode of each should be enough to decide if it's to your taste.

Eagerly awaiting: Fourth season of The Expanse (am up to date with the books) and second season of High Seas. 

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