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Scholarship Amount Question

 Njord Frans

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Hello, I have been trying to find similar cases around the forum, thinking this may not be a unique case, but so far I haven't found anything similar to this situation.


As a general scholar benefiting from a Chinese Government Scholarship of 1 year, the usual scholarship amount in the past few years was 2500 RMB, but this year they raised it to 3000 RMB, which is being stated in the application documents for getting the scholarship. There have been rumours that general scholars students will still only receiver 2500 RMB, despite the increase. Some universities have said that the government's funds have still not arrived, and that they haven't been informed about the increase. I suppose that unless the funds arrive, the universities are not going to change the amount either. Has anyone heard/experienced this situation before? (As I believe there have been other times when the scholarship raised and this thing happened). Is there anything that should be particularly done in order to avoid further complications regarding the scholarship itself? Or, is there any official institution that should be contacted in order to find more information about this?

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A city in S China. Hmm. A perfect place where 山高皇帝远.


Anyway, let's be fair here. And just assume they're pocketing your scholarship money.


The problem, as you'll see from other posts here about schools and employers, is that if you make a big enough fuss to the right people you'll probably get your money. But the wrong people will remain right where they are and will be in a position to create endless trouble for you.


Which is not to suggest that doing nothing is necessarily the best course. Just that before you do anything, think all the possible outcomes through like you're playing chess. Against an opponent who makes all the rules.


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Nothing sarcastic there. This is a public forum and I think your dealings with your school may become complex if they find out you've made what is in effect a public complaint about them. The school could take your post as "Name and Shame." Your post reads fine if you just take out the city and school name.  I should have caught this before I posted my first response.

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