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Suspension of studies?


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Hello everyone!

Currently I am studying in a Chinese University as a 2nd year Masters under University scholarship. And I want to suspend my studies for a year. I would like to ask:

1)Can Masters student suspend his/her studies for a year in China?

2)What is the process for suspension of studies?

3)Can I suspend my studies from 2nd semester (the semester after winter vocation)?

4)How will it affect my scholarship?


I would be very glad your any reply


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You asked a good question. But you asked the wrong person. You need to ask your university. Your university knows the rules, they can tell you yes or no. And if they say yes, they can tell you how exactly it works.


Good luck!

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59 minutes ago, Usher said:

Did I asked something nonsense?


Yeah. Weird question. I also would have thought the first people to ask would be your department as you are physically there. They would have the most up to date information.

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While the OP obviously needs to ask the university at some point, it's very optimistic to assume the university, or at least front-line staff, will have a clue, especially with reference to scholarships. Researching the question in advance is very wise. 


The school might / should have regulations. Looking at the rules for Peking University (first I saw on Google) you need to apply to 暂停学业 or 休学 (temporarily stop /rest studies) but 保留学籍 (retain student status / registration), and you can't do it for more than a year. Look for the 第二十二条 in the linked document. 

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