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Hi! I am learning Chinese but I am stuck

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Hi ! everyone , 大家好 !

i am new member here and yeah , my name is zakariya and i am from morocco . i start learning Mandarin Chinese last year i sign in university but i wasn't really learning i was just playing around and having fun whit friends but not studying at all , here is the interesting part   i make it in semester 1 and 2 , how ? ummmm "cheating" 😓  but this is my third semester and i am really confuse about it because i don't know actually from where do even i begin , i am having hard time to find out what the good plan for me , i do start reviewing HSK1&HSK2 and suddenly i lose interest because i don't have that ambition and i am too lazy when i even think about studying , i don't know what to do but i hope that i get some help here from good fellas . 

this is my boring story today and the when i am stuck that reviewing what i missed and studying in same time and having exams in same time that's the problem

but here deal from now i am ready to anything to become fluent in Mandarin .

suggest anything that would help in anyway , i would love to hear from you or any story to get something from it

i know i am talking too much but yeah help me !!!

some info about me , i am native speaker in Arabic and i do speak English&french and little in Japanese .

would love to make friendships !

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16 hours ago, oyaji said:

i don't know actually from where do even i begin

Begin at the beginning. Do you still have your textbooks from semester 1 and 2? Get the first book and start on page 1. If there is something you don't understand, ask the teacher for help, or ask a classmate who did pay attention.


But you won't pass your exams, if they are soon. You can't learn 1.5 years of Chinese in a few weeks. Is there a way you can retake the exams if you fail now?

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3 hours ago, Lu said:

Is there a way you can retake the exams if you fail now?

Yes there is , if i fail in exam i had the chance to retake the exam
thank u first for the good suggest that u make ♥ ohhh i already start whit it and now on lesson 5 from textbook "HSK 1 standard course"
i type every word that i don't know and put it in a note and i try to write them couple of time to memories them

do u think it's an effective way ?? what should i do about speaking and lessening ??

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So studying seems boring and you have fallen behind so you have some catching up to do? Hopefully I got that right.


I took a lot of intensive Chinese and live in Taiwan and at one point really fell behind on the characters... felt pretty lost really. Just studying characters didn't work too well for me. What was helpful was writing my notes and daily plans (not for classes but just general plans) in 中文.


It was really slow going at first but then my writing got faster and faster and my vocabulary built and I had a practical use for everything I was learning. So maybe try that...

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