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2020 CSC Scholarship


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Let list the universities we would be applying to or have already applied to.


For those going for Type B, from my little research, I was able to find out that acceptance letter is compulsory to facilitate your selection.


Other documents that should make your application top notch includes:

*Excellent Study Plan

*Good CGPA


*Detailed CV

*Abiding to the university application instructions.


Please you guys should come on board, let enlighten each other.

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CSC Scholarship Process 2020

Step 1: Find University and Program (http://www.campuschina.org/universities/categories.html)
Step 2: Complete Online Application (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/)
Step 3: Fill University Form (if required)
Step 4: Pay Application fee (if required)
Step 5: Print Application
Step 6: Prepare Required Documents
Step 7: Send Documents to university (if required)

Note: Acceptance letter is not mandatory but helpful in some universities, you can apply without acceptance letter.

For detailed process you can find more information on official website http://www.campuschina.org/

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Required documents include


1. Notarised Transcript

2. Notarised Certificate

3. Foreign Physical Examination Record

4. Police Character Certificate

5. Study Plan/Research Proposal

6. Acceptance Letter

7. Certificate of Employment

8. Publications

9. Awards

10. Recommendation Letter (2)

11. Passport

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Hi guys! I’m applying for Scholarship and I have one question about the Foreigner physical examination form. After the doctor fills it with all the necessary info, should I get the form legalized somewhere? In the Chinese embassy/consulate for example?


thanks for any replies

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19 hours ago, boobaby said:

No need to legalise your physical examination record for foreigner. Only the photocopy is required.

Thank you so much!

Another question: do anyone of you know if We can apply for type A scholarship (ex. Embassy) and type B (through University) at the same time? I intend to apply with Embassy for Nanjing University, and through university channel for Zhejiang University. Can I do this? 





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Hi! I need a help


When I search universities and programs I get what I'm looking for, however when I visit the specific Universities to learn more on the program I don't see the program name no matter how much search I do. For example; I searched and got Chongqing University with Master Program of International Project Management but that program is not listed anywhere on there website. How do I go about this?

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