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Any recommendations for a mobile stove fit for a wok?

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I've been cooking quite a lot recently, as well as cooking (Chinese) meals for the elderly in my area. But, my kitchen just doesn't seem to have the capacity of either using a large wok or getting the fire burning high enough to get any oil to a decent temperature. I've bough a compact (camping) stove, which did an even worse job at heating my cooking pots. 

Do you guys have any recommendations for a mobile stove, preferably gas (unless someone makes a good case for electric) where I can put a big wok on and get it hot enough to deep fry on? 

Or even terms I can look for in my search, because I seem to be limited in my (kitchen related) vocabulary and it shows in my search results.

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A quick search with the words - single gas burner for wok - brought up these results. This is intended as starting point, I don't know anything about them to recommend anything.



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On 11/26/2019 at 8:01 PM, Weyland said:

Or even terms I can look for in my search, because I seem to be limited in my (kitchen related) vocabulary and it shows in my search results.


I would suggest looking for a high-output "portable induction burner." These typically come rated from 1300 watts to 1800 watts. For your intended use, I would opt for an 1800 model. Best to buy one which is a single burner since dual-burner models often divide the available current, half going to each burner, making for sluggish performance. The diameter of the actual heating element is also a significant factor. For wok cooking, it's best to choose the largest available size (8 inches minimum.) 



1778080011_IMG_20191127_091514(2)-930px.thumb.jpg.12f96d1d3d418161bfe4ceec78ddbefc.jpg      1464565883_IMG_20191127_110625-932px(2).thumb.jpg.f80f44e8d8892dcd4dd34c422f549e09.jpg



The central portion of the wok's base will need to be flat. Most home-use woks meet that criteria, whereas restaurant woks can be rounded instead. My 32 cm cast-iron wok has a central 12 cm flat base with sloping sides. Your wok will also have to be steel (not aluminum.) If in doubt check with a small magnet. Its interior cooking surface can be either non-stick or conventional. 


Though it's logical to think of gas first, you are unlikely to find one today because of safety reasons. Portable gas units for home use have become nearly obsolete. (Back-yard units excepted.) Food stalls use them, connected to tank of pressurized gas (propane) and one can find compact butane-powered units for camping or brief use at sporting events. But a high-output electric unit can supply plenty of fast and high heat. It's enough for making a stir-fry as well as less demanding Chinese cooking tasks. 


Here in China, they also produce induction burners that are "scooped out" -- shaped like a gently-sloping concave bowl. They often are sold as a set, with a matching round-bottom wok. These are said to be even more efficient than flat ones in terms of heat transfer, but are less practical for most non-commercial uses. 


Here is a pretty good review of actual models: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-portable-induction-cooktop/


If you want to research the subject in Chinese just for fun, use 炒锅专用电磁炉 as a starting place. 

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