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Entry to China after this very complicated problem????

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So I just have a very complicated problem and right now I'm not sure if II will ever be granted a new visa again.

I was working on a training center as a spanish teacher, everything was perfect until one day, another teacher was arrested because apparently our boss send him to another place to work and that's illegal, besides he came for a non-english speaking country, so I guess that made the situation worst. Anyways, police officers interogate all the teachers including me and investigated the company. Just few days after this incident, I had to send my passport to the PSB Exit and entry bureau because I had to renew my resident permit. They told me to came back on november (3 weeks later) but when I did, they didn't gave me back my passport, they just told me to wait (I suppoused because they were investigating me as well). Almost 2 months later, they gave me back the passport but they didn't give me the resident permit, they just give me and exit visa, it says T 停留 and told me that I have 10 days to leave the country, they never arrested me, made me pay a fine or even told me that I can't came back to China. The problem is that in this 2 months my old resident permit expired and this new visa goes on effect from January and has a valid period of 10 days, it means that there is a space of almost 2 months in my passport that migration officers will consider as I had a penalty or something even though, and I repeat, I was never arrested, they never charged me a fine or told me that they found me guilty of something. Other teachers were arrested or deported because they found out they were send to other places too, but not me, they all tought english, I tought spanish (as I am from a spanish speaking country) and I did it AT the school we were working, not outside. The Psb or the police station also didn't give me a letter or something explaining why there is this space on the passport.

So right now I have two problems:

1. My employer told me that he needs to cancel my Work permit in order to give me my release letter, because I quit the job and want to go home, so they scanned my new visa (the one that says T 停留). I let them do it but I told him that, because they never granted me the Resident permit, I thought it was already cancelled, they said that it wasn't and perhaps they will need 1 week or more to cancelled it and also he remarked that I NEED this release letter or I would never be able to work or came to China ever again. Is this true? I already leave the country, he said he is still procesing my release letter (although I'm not sure it is true) If he don't give me a release letter will it be impossible for me to come back to China?


And the most worrying problem....


2. The space in my passport of almost 2 months that anyone can interpret as an illegally staying in the country.

I really want to come back to China, working for a different school of course, but I don't know if I will ever be granted to get back because of this space 


Police officers of the Psb said that I can return to China because this problem had nothing to do with me but I have heard of this kind of stories and in the end they CAN'T return to China or are stopped at the airport and forced to flight back to their countries. So, my question is, will I ever be able to come back to China (perhaps with a tourist visa) just to visit some friends or am I on a blacklist? In this case, how much time do I have to wait to get my name out of the blacklist?
If someone has had the same experience or any suggestion I will be truly grateful to hear it.

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On 1/18/2020 at 12:09 AM, qwerty2015 said:

My employer told me that he needs to cancel my Work permit in order to give me my release letter, [...] I thought it was already cancelled


Your work permit (it looks like an ID card) is not the same as your residency permit (which is stuck in your passport like a visa).  Your employer has to cancel your work permit. PSB cancels your residency permit.


I'm not sure if anyone will be able to answer your main question though... the previous experience of other people is no guarantee of how you will be treated.


Have you tried contacting an embassy or consulate of your country in China to ask them for advice?



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Sounds like it is time to develop a very strong "Plan B," such as teaching Spanish in Korea or Thailand. I seriously doubt if anyone will be able to give you binding assurances that you will be able to return to China as a teacher at any time in the future. As to just coming back to visit friends on a tourist visa, you will probably just have to try it and see whether or not you are allowed.  

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I'm not sure it will be an issue at all, if I've read you right you haven't overstayed the final short visa so as far as officialdom is concerned you're fine. The gap between the permit ending and that coming into effect might be apparent on paper but since it's not been penalised (for the solid reason it was due to your passport being with the PSB, you weren't in the country illegally and the subsequent issue of the exit visa underscores that) I don't expect that to raise any flags. Obviously that's just a not very well informed opinion.

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