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How useful do you think handwriting is (手写)?


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6 hours ago, imron said:

Back in the day when mobile phones had a keypad and no touch screens.  With the prevalence of capacitive touch screens, it's mostly a historical relic now.



  • I have tried 手写 several times, but didn't like it because sometimes it doesn't show you the correct character even though you are 100% sure you wrote it right
  • 笔画,on the other hand, always shows you the correct character if you type strokes in the right order


  • They have the same speed once you master both of them, although they are slow compare to 拼音

Order of strokes:

  • 手写 doesn't require to write strokes in the right order, that's why it is faster to learn
  • 笔画 requires to write strokes in the right order, so it will take some time to learn the order of strokes


  • I wouldn't say that one of them is definitely better than other, they both have pros and cons, 手写 is a good input method, so is 笔画, once you master it
  • But if you start from zero, 手写 is easier, you don't have to bother about stroke orders, just 手写 it 😉
6 hours ago, imron said:

I would highly recommend switching from the default macOS Wubi Xing to 清歌输入法


Thank you, I will give it a try :)

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