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Please check comment and correct some sentences with 不但...而且

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I am trying to get the hang of using 不但...而且. I have made some sentences and I would appreciate greatly if you could have a look and comment on them and correct s you see fit. Here they are:


我觉得有的汉字不但发音发得 难 而且写得更难。 








我不但很喜欢听音乐, 而且更喜欢跳舞。


我需要好学不但第十二课 的生词, 而且语法.



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First, you must understand  不但。。而且。。 expresses  递进关系

1) I can understand this sentence, but it sounds weird to me.  I prefer: 我觉得有的汉字不但发音难,而且写起来更难。

2) Good. When you speak this sentence, you can stress "而且" to emphasize 递进关系 in the second clause。And try to understand 递进关系 is different from 并列关系 in this sentence: 他的汉语日语说得一样好。

3) 并列关系我弟弟都在学习中文。

If you want to express  递进关系,I prefer:  不光是我,我弟弟在学习中文。 Or   不仅是我,我弟弟在学习中文。

Hint: Don't directly put nouns behind 不但 or 而且!

4) like 3.  I prefer:  不仅去了北京,去了上海

Of course, you can also say: 我不但去了北京,而且我还去了上海。 But it's verbose.

5) Verbose! To express 递进关系,更 is enough. So say it like this:  我很喜欢听音乐, 喜欢跳舞。

6) like 3. I prefer: 不仅需要好好学第十二课的生词, 要学好语法.

My suggestion: you better forget the rules of conjunctions in English, like "not only... but also..." Or you may make weird sentences like 3, 4 and 6.



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On 2/6/2020 at 4:57 AM, EnergyReaper said:

My suggestion: you better forget the rules of conjunctions in English



Thank you so much for taking your time and replying to my post. I will study your tips and suggestions and hopefully in due time I will be able to implement them myself. Thanks again!

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