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Hello, just a quick question. I suppose if I want to send a postcard to Shanghai from abroad I need to write a address in Chinese, right? The recipient's address has around 25 characters and I'm sure I'm terrible at drawing so it wouldn't be delivered correctly. 😭 is there another way how to write the address so a postman will deliver it right? Printing address isn't probably possible. For now, I will probably try to find a Chinese here to help me to write the address. 

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You can print the address on a piece of paper and then stick it onto the postcard.

You could also print the address on an envelope and put the postcard in the envelope (more space for writing!)


I've had postcards arrive safely even though my correspondent only supplied their Latin alphabet address. So you could write the address that way. There may be an additional delay in delivery if the post office needs to translate it back to characters.

Edit: if you handwrite the address in Latin alphabet, be sure to write it very very clearly. No cursive.

And don't forget to write the postcode very clearly too.


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China Post seems to deal fine with addresses written in Pinyin, using roman letters. Just don't translate. That is, keep it as "Jiefang Lu" rather than "Revolution Road."


If you do use Chinese characters, note that some overseas postal administrations, like USPS, require you to interline them with roman transliteration in any event.


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