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Graded Watching - TV series ranked by difficulty

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Lu Jo dido

Waw it's great! It'll be very helpful for all of us, for sure. Thanks a lot!!!! 👍😀

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Might be worth it to add genres.

I haven't watched any of these series, fore-mostly because most of these are from Taiwan, but also because all the Chinese series are (ancient) period focused. 

Creating a distinction between current day and period series is, I would say, important. As period series include a lot of dated words you'd never hear nowadays.

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Jan Finster
12 hours ago, wibr said:

a ranking based on the number of words, to find TV series at your level


Thank you for this project!


Just as a feedback: I ran the vocabulary list of "Decoded" in CTA:

5950 words

2292 unique characters

but, apparently 68% (~4000) of the words are non-HSK words. 😲


Having a lot of non-HSK words is not all that surprising, but I wonder how your lists really helps identifying the difficulty level. Is it just number of total words? 

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Genre would be nice to have, but I don't think it's worth the effort. Usually you can guess it by the name or check the linked wikipedia page. You can sort the table by any column, while currently the majority of the shows are from Taiwan I counted more than ten shows from China which are playing in modern times with normal language.


@Jan Finster

Keep in mind that the list does not include the basic 1000 words which are used by more than 90% of all shows and are available in a separate list. The HSK coverage for those should be higher, although also not 100%. HSK doesn't contain words like 閉嘴. I think in general HSK vocabulary is more oriented towards written language.


I would say the number of words you need to know is a good indicator for difficulty? The differences can be pretty large, especially if you look at the number of words per hour in the first four hours.

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You're a god in my eyes now! 


Sorry to see how easy "On Children" was - I had an incredibly easy time with that one and chalked it up to the study paying off 😂


Same with A Sun, which I watched earlier this week 🤣

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