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My vacuum robot speaks in chinese and I need help with two sentence audio translation


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5 hours ago, roddy said:

This is brilliant. What else does it say? If we get a make / model number we might be able to figure out how to change the language. 


Problem is not connected with language itself. Normally it speaks in English (iLife A8). But unfortunately it seems I have some unusual problem for which audio samples were just not translated (as do not suppose to be needed for normal use). I am in the process of a complaint. But again, thanks.

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On the web, you are never alone:




As to what that camera is doing on the OP's model, "Using a live-vision panoramic camera to scan its surroundings, A8 computes its own systematic cleaning pattern."




(I've thought the problem with these things is that they don't have much capacity and require quite a bit of effort to keep everything clean and in working order. But certainly cute.)


That said, this post reminds me of some old movie where Goldie Hawn was it is stuck behind the wheel of a car that suddenly starts shouting warnings in Japanese. Hope the OP was able to recover the situation without serious injury.

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Ah yes, well mine was an entry level model and it didn't work well, I figured that the odds of it actually covering the entire floor are low. It would get itself in a pattern and it would take ages to break out of it. Perhaps the camera solved this problem.

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On 2/23/2020 at 11:34 AM, Mabakay said:

My vacuum robot has a problem I haven't had yet. An additional problem is that it speaks Chinese about it and I completely don't understand anything. Can any one give me a translation in english?


The owner needs to reply to the vacuum in Chinese to troubleshoot the problem. (Smile, only joking.)


On a related note, the "information robots" common in many Chinese airports are pretty handy. In Kunming's Changshui Airport, some of them only understand and speak Chinese, others (slightly more advanced ones) are multilingual. I always get a kick out of asking them which counter to check in or which is the boarding gate for my flight. They will also scan your reservation QR code if you have it printed or stored on your phone.


Used to feel foolish talking to a machine, but now it comes naturally. 

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