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Australian Ancient History HSC questions


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I am an Ancient History teacher in Australia and have decided to teach Qin Shihuangdi as my HSC personality and the Han Dynasty as my HSC Society. I was wondering if anyone could please suggest useful resources for the following:


Qin Shi Huangdi:

Part of the syllabus requirements is asking the students to evaluate the following -

* impact and influence on his time

* assessment of his life and career

* legacy

* ancient and modern interpretations of Qin Shihuangdi


I already have the following resources for Qin Shihuangdi:

* The Shiji

* Jonathan Clements' The First Emperor of China

* The Cambridge book on the Qin and Han dynasties

* Li Yu-Ning's The First Emperor of China

* Mark Edward Lewis' The Early Chinese Empires

* John S. Major and Constance A. Cook's Ancinet China: A History

* Edward Burman's Terracotta Warriors

* Frances Wood's China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors


The Han Dynasty society:

Admittedly this is the one causing me the most stress as their is no textbook so it looks like I have to develop my own 'textbook' (which I am more than happy to do). I have attached the syllabus outline. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for a good general book on Ancient Han society?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Han Society HSC Syllabus Doc.pdf

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Not actually read it but when you said Han I immediately though of Michael Loewe and I see he wrote a book called Everyday Life in Early Imperial China: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Everyday-Life-Early-Imperial-China/dp/0872207587

Seems it's a bit dated now but comments there agree still worthwhile.


ETA And while not a general history this looks like it might make a good supplementary read: https://www.hackettpublishing.com/history/bing-from-ploughboy-to-magistrate-in-han-china-70-bce

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