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Where to buy physical books in Chinese? (online)


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For popular books, I've had good results from ordering through Taobao to deliver to Hong Kong. Years ago, I ordered a number of books from Eslite in Taiwan to deliver to Hong Kong, but I haven't done that in a while, maybe because Eslite hasn't had much that I want that isn't already available in Hong Kong book stores; in any case, Eslite was OK at least for delivery to HK. 


I have found that Taobao is not quite as useful for academic books, which have a smaller print run. Either I can't find them on Taobao, or in one case, I ordered a book through Taobao and received a bound photocopy of the original book. It looked nice on the outside, but the print quality was very poor. After seeing here that others had good results with JD.com, I ordered a less common academic book through the JD.com site last week. The market price for this second-hand, less common book was high, but the shipping was only about RMB20. Shipping seemed a little slower than when ordering books through Taobao, but for non-popular books, I would definitely use JD.com again. 


I've tried dangdang. Same as others, no luck without a mainland phone number. 

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On 11/21/2023 at 6:54 AM, Jive Turkey said:

After seeing here that others had good results with JD.com, I ordered a less common academic book through the JD.com site last week.

So you're still in HK? I have ordered books from Taobao and JD for delivery to HK when I lived there, that is until very recently, without issues. But none of this seems to be possible from Europe, unless I'm doing something wrong. (Incidentally, in HK it's also a lot easier to get deliveries from Taiwan and even Japan.)


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