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HSK online test "home edition" 29 May (COVID special)

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I just came across this notice dated 8 May 2020 on the ChineseTest website which says that certain test-takers will be able to do the online test at home on May 29.


From the instructions it looks like you have to use a Windows PC.  See link to the PDF "enclosure".


Also worth noting that they just started operating a Twitter and YouTube account (and supposedly Facebook too, but I couldn't find it).


They've posted a short Q&A on the "home edition" test at https://twitter.com/HSKTestOfficial/status/1259145212825395213






Affected by the coronavirus pandemic, HSK and HSKK tests from February to April in mainland China and parts of countries overseas have been postponed or canceled. In order to meet the urgent need of HSK test takers worldwide of applying international Chinese language teacher scholarship in 2020(Confucius Institute Scholarship)and annual review of undergraduate, study abroad, graduation and employment, etc. Chinese Testing International Co.,Ltd.(CTI) decides to conduct HSK, HSKK online test (home edition) from May 27th to 31st refers to the home test policy of TOEFL and IELTS. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Test taker who wants to apply an international Chinese teacher scholarship in 2020 would be participated in the test (HSK, HSKK) held during May 27 to 29. Test takers should contact their institution or nearby test centers to complete test registration before May 22;

II. Undergraduate with Confucius scholarship who needs to sit for the annual review would be taken the test (HSK, HSKK) held during May 30 to 31. Test takers should contact their institution or nearby test centers to complete test registration before May 25;

III. Other test takers could take the online Chinese test (home edition) held on May 29. Test takers should contact their institution or nearby test centers to complete test registration before May 22;

IV. Admission tickets will be handed down to the test takers 3 days before the test. HSK test result will be issued 10 days after the test while 25 days after the test for HSKK result on the website www.chinesetest.cn. Test takers themselves could apply for the “extra score report” which could be sent to the individuals or institutions;

V. The test would be held online at home. The equipment, surroundings and instructions of registration are attached.


Each test center please pay high attention to the test. Any question please contact CTI. Matters of the test please see at the enclosure.


Contacts: Liu Xiaolong, Wang Feifei

Tel: 010-59307630、010-59307634

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Enclosure: Instruction of Online HSK Test (Home Edition) from May 27 to 31


HSK test has opened official accounts in overseas media which could offer Chinese language learners the information of study abroad in China, welcome to subscribe!!

YouTube: HSK Official

Twitter: @HSKTestOfficial


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That's interesting. I can't see any Scottish centres mentioning it, but it's only been a couple of days. Looking at the PDF, I see you have to download and install their software. I'm going to be pleasantly surprised if they've come up with a decent piece of software that quickly. As for "It is forbidden to take the test in public areas such as parks, internet cafes, restaurants, etc." - chance would be a fine thing...


Are you signing up?

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The software needs a Windows PC, which I don't have. 


And access to your camera, I think... presumably they will expect the test centre to spy on you while you do the test, like they did with high schools and the mock gaokao exams earlier this year.



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Has anyone registered for this? A quick scout round a few test centers in the UK and I can't see any mention of it. 

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Some more details (in Chinese) on the online "at home" version of the forthcoming exams, via the 汉考国际CTI WeChat account. 


Apparently they're for HSK 4-5-6 and HSKK intermediate and advanced.  Exam date June 5, registration deadline May 30.


Given that HSK 4 and 6 exams start at 9am China time I can't imagine many folk in Europe will be signing up.




You have to run a video conferencing client on your phone and use it to show what you're doing on your screen during the test.



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