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Deceptively confusing passage

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Hi all,


I am reading through a mediaeval Buddhist text by 湛然 called the "法華五百問論". Said text is a critique of an earlier Buddhist commentary by 窺基 known as the "法華玄贊". 窺基's text is a commentary on the 妙法蓮華經. 


We have worked our way through quite a lot of the text, but one particular passage from the opening section still causes some confusion. The section in question is the following:


"問:釋一經,文前幾門? 答:開為六門:一、敘經緣起之意;二、明宗旨;三、明經品得 名;四、明品廢立;五、彰品次第;六、釋經本文。

今意:謂之不然。除釋本文,餘之五門,初文略明緣起可爾;餘三 明品在無,非經骨格;第二宗旨未曉如何。容子陳疑,方知遠旨;曾聞 有用名體、宗、用、教、相等五,稍似得於此經旨歸。"


As you can see, the section is fairly straightforward, and has not properly caused any great issue. The 'non-bolded' text is 窺基, and the bolded text is 湛然. 


However, the underlined piece from 湛然's remarks are rather confusing to my mind (that is: 容子陳疑,方知遠旨). It seems to my mind parsable in a number of rather different ways. The first four characters in particular. The entire section is fairly simple, and so I feel like I'm missing the obvious and simple meaning here. Nevertheless, I've looked at the passage far too many times now, and it looks stranger each time I do.


I'm sure the passage is not a difficult one, and I have no doubt it will expose my lack  of expertise. Nevertheless, I'd be very grateful if any had any comments or reading/translation suggestions. 


Thank you for your time,





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