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HSK 4 Writing Section

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On 6/5/2020 at 11:55 AM, mungouk said:
On 6/5/2020 at 11:46 AM, roddy said:

Is there really no official grammar list?


I don't remember seeing one anywhere.  There are grammar points listed in each official HSK Standard Course textbook.


The Chinese Grammar Wiki folk appear to have reverse-engineered their list from these and other textbooks.


OK since he's been spotted on board recently... let's try paging @sinosplice to see what he thinks. 


John, is there really no official HSK grammar list?

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For what it's worth, regarding lists of HSK 4 grammar points... I just came across this publication, referenced in an HSK preparation book:


    HSK Test Syllabus (2015) Level 4



    Publication Date: 09/2015
    ISBN: 9787107304217
    Publisher: People's Education Press
    Series: HSK Test Syllabus (2015) 
In particular, for HSK 4 grammar points the preparation book cites this chapter, p16-19: "HSK(四级)语言点大纲"
There's also a PDF scan here at Manchester Uni which looks like the pages of a reference book, quite possibly the pages 16-19 mentioned above (although not in sequence):
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To anyone who might find this discussion in the future: please have a look at this comment of mine.
tl;dr: new grammar points matter, use them.

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