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"On Top Of The World" in Chinese


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I am looking for the lyrics of this song translated into Chinese.  It is an oldie - more than 45 years old - so, while it once may have been popular in China and had Chinese lyrics, that was a long time ago.  Google keeps pointing me to "Yesterday Once More".

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How does 我站在世界之顶俯瞰万物 我唯一能找到的解释 。 。 。 sound? Not sure the translator managed to preserve that memorable rhyme of creation-explanation, though.


Anyway, you'll find the rest here, assuming you have access to Youtube:




Seems to me maybe thirty years ago or so 木匠兄妹 were pretty popular in China.


(The Andrews Sisters. Now their songs are oldies. But not the Carpenters'.)

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Sorry. For copyright or other licensing reasons you'll sometimes get a "Blocked in Your Country" message on Youtube. Or maybe somebody decided the Carpenters are just too wholesomely American for Britain.


Trivia Extra: The Carpenters' father was born in China, son of missionaries.


EDIT: I just loaded up a VPN connecting through the UK and had no problem with the video.

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11 hours ago, imron said:

This typo (auto-correct?)

No haha, just a straight forward typo, no pun intended, but now you have pointed it out, I feel strangely proud, unjustly but still:shock: 



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