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Hello everyone,


I am learning Mandarin as a second language and I am at HSK3 level.
My gf (native speaker) and I decided to start a YouTube channel to help people at my level practice their listening while learning about current topics in an accessible way.

We would love as much feedback as possible on the content and the learning experience from students like yourself to make sure we can do something really useful for you.

Our channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj5Hkvgl9nCSTOjEKjWyhvg/

Would you be so kind to share your candid feedback about it?

Much appreciated!


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I just looked at the HSK 5 video about Chinese women. I think the topic is interesting and I’d probably listen to more if you release more HSK 5 level videos. I have 2 suggestions maybe, I’m not sure what other people think or if it would be too much trouble for you to change but I feel that maybe for HSK 5 you can speak a little bit faster? I feel like by HSK 5 you should be preparing to listen to almost native speaker level of speed? Also, I really like the subtitle but is it possible to make the pinyin as something that can be turned on and off. I personally just don’t like having pinyin above texts or subs because it makes me lazy and just look at the pinyin instead of the characters but if it can be turned off then I can only turn it on when I really don’t know a word/character. 

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I agree with Amy - it would be a huge plus if pinyin could be turned off. I also had a look at your Chinese with memes series. It would be interesting to have you guys explain the memes entirely in Chinese for more advanced learners. I realize it's geared towards HSK2&3 now and thus relies heavily on English... have you thought about putting out two different versions (one as it is for beginners and one just using Chinese to explain memes etc.)?

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Jonathan, I just finished watching some of you videos which I find well done and helpful. I intend to work through all of them. I especially like the technical quality of the sound and the speaking accent, very comfortable to listen to.  It would be helpful to me if you could position the characters that you display on the screen so that pausing the video does not cause the progress bar and its related displays to obscure the characters. I would not expect you to change anything if I am the only that would benefit, but please consider this. 加油

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