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Sharing a tool I've been working on

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Hi all, I'm Andrew. I've been working on a simple Chinese - English dictionary for desktop incorporating HSK wordlists and would love to know what you guys think. It's based on CC-CEDICT and Unihan at the moment.





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Thanks for checking it out! I made it because I couldn't find a good desktop dictionary and I wanted to look up character meanings, stroke order and so on on my computer. I'd love to hear any ideas you have for functionality.

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I think it's pretty good that you made this. Though, I would personally use other tools which are readily available and have more functionality.


I'm not sure if you're willing to develop it further, but if you do, I have a few features that I would implement if I was you:

1. Make an animated version of the strokes. Allow users to switch between the static strokes (as it is now), and the animated strokes.

2. Pronunciation tool. Ideally Native speakers pronouncing each character/word. Obviously that is a lot of work, and probably would cost a lot of money, so what I'd do is find a really good Chinese text-to-speech API, and just get the audio from there.


If you are up for it, I'd be willing to give tips.

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I'm planning to keep working on it yeah. Thanks for the suggestions. I started with this weekend on user accounts and personalised lists of words and characters. Stroke animations I should be able to pull from free sources I reckon. I'll see if I can figure out a way to get audio too (I think Pleco uses some kind of TTS, or at least it sounds like words are stitched together from the component characters).


I'd love any tips you might have @马M, perhaps you can send me your email via the contact form on the website.

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On 9/15/2020 at 11:02 AM, Akxlr said:

@BlackMamba, you can now create an account and add words and characters to lists!


Very good. You do not talk like many but are a doer^^

Maybe you could add next to the "Add to list" button a "Learned/To learn" button and then add this as the last column with a check icon if the word has been learned in the tables.

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a flashcard system isnt required but as a user i would like to see what ive learned and what I still have to learn. I think it is very good that words are shown that use the selected character cause I think learning more words with the same character is efficient for learning that specific character cause there will be more repetitions then

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20 minutes ago, Akxlr said:

audio for the first 2000 characters or so


Sweet, I'm glad to hear you're implementing suggestions! The animations for strokes are a nice feature. 


It's also good to see that you're adding the audio to indicate correct pronunciation. I'm probably being picky now but it would be nice to playback the audio at a slower rate, or at least have the option to change playback speed.


Don't get me wrong though, you're doing great so far, keep it up!

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As an option, here is a link to the instructon how to install Big Chinese-Russian dictionary on your PC (the forume has also an English version, although this particular article is in Russian). It can be used as an supplementary tool. The dictionary is truly comprehensive. See pic how its interface in the GoldenDic shell looks like. Should you have any questions I can explain in English how to do it. 




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