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这般[...]土著! These [...] natives!

般 is just a measure word here. The words between [...] are what he thinks of said natives. I wonder how bad a word 土著 is, it's certainly used in a pejorative way here.


在地 can mean 'local', but here it's not ambiguous: 在地上爬 means 'to crawl on the ground'.

脏到入骨 'dirty to their bones', thoroughly dirty

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The 这般 has the sense of "of this kind/sort" -- "A set of natives of this stripe"


The way that 末了总不忘记诅咒本地的华人 works is I think not quite just the literal "never forgot", it carries a bit of "of course, he blamed the locals" -:

Dickenson fell to bemoaning his lack of any prospects for advancement, which ultimately became a predictable diatribe cursing the Chinese inhabitants of the city

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Adam Smith, the young Englishman, assistant to the recently deceased Mr. Dickinson, in whose Victorian-style drawing room he loved to come to afternoon tea parties, hosted by his lively and affable boss, now stands in that drawing room to say good-bye.



Adam Smith stood in this drawing room piled with furniture, lacking it’s host, it’s Victorian atmosphere totally lost, to say farewell.


This translation is understanding 生气 to mean vitality, rather than anger. Is this correct? Is my understanding of the sentence correct? Is the room piled with furniture (presumably to be moved out), or is it just filled with furntiture?

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Just filled/crammed with furniture I'd say usually, although 堆 does of course mean piled and if the context is that he's preparing to move out that may well be the meaning here. On second look, considering he's stood there making his final farewell the furniture may indeed be stacked up to go.


生气全失 makes the vitality reading more obvious - something has been lost entirely and it's the life of a family home etc., though it should be something like a Victorian-style parlour now utterly devoid of any sense of being a living home, i.e. it's lost it's vitality not its Victoriana.

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What is the meaning of 恨眉醉眼? The young prostitute (黄得云)  is putting on makeup at a mirror, peparing for her first encounter with a customer.  红烛高烧,她对着镜子涂脂抹粉,打扮得恨眉醉眼,...

I can understand "drunk eyes," to an extent, but I can't find an explanation of what hateful or resentful eyebrows could be.

I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving.

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It's the opening line of a Song ci by Qin Guan who wrote several about his brothel-creeping, whole thing is here: https://www.gushiji.cc/shangxi/44433_1.html So I reckon here it's operating as a general concept of alluring beauty as presented by sex workers, though in the original it was saying something about a coquettish contrast between enticing eyes and frowning brow. 

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