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what is a jogger (used on a hose)?


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Hi folks,


Is any of you familiar with pool cleaning operation? I am working on a project for a manufacturer of water treatment products. They used this term in their brochure, without providing any picture of the component. But I seemingly found a picture of this little thing (attached). 


Could anyone explain to me what it is used for? Thanks in advance. 




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And also this sentence:
'2 Year warranty covers the motor unit, cable, and power supply of your XXX ECO robotic pool cleaner and all other parts for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase'


Shouldn't 2 years translate into 24 months? I am puzzled by their statement. 

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47 minutes ago, Kenny同志 said:

Shouldn't 2 years translate into 24 months? I am puzzled by their statement. 


If I were to guess it's because a "two year warranty" sounds like a long time but a "ONE year" doesn't sound wonderful. Change that to TWELEVE months and it somehow sounds a little more impressive. Just like 11.99 is better for sales than 12.00, or even just 11.00. 

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a small blue plastic cone (jogger) that can be easily and simple fitted to either the first or second hose length from the Swimkleen 2 and this can help in preventing the Swimkleen 2 from being stuck in some locations of a pool.



So that's WHAT it does. I'm unclear as to HOW. I can see it's meant to float on the top of the water - perhaps it means the cleaner isn't dragging so much of the hose weight, so can move more easily. Or it keeps the hose off the floor of the pool, so the cleaner doesn't get stuck on it. But I'd expect that to just be called 'a float'

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