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rx crappy drugs 開冇鬼用藥 / 开乱七八糟药

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On 10/24/2020 at 11:26 PM, Demonic_Duck said:

Today I learned "rx" means "prescribe".




I think it's actually this -



It's a noun

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Is the video of any use to anyone? Sometimes people post Youtube stuff with little explanation and I don't want to disallow useful material, but nor can I spend 20 minutes watching it. 

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32 minutes ago, roddy said:

Is the video of any use to anyone?


File under interesting curios for those learning both Cantonese and Mandarin. Personally I love stuff like this because it reminds me of the early promise of the web, before everything became commercialized (despite being hosted on YouTube). Super-niche passion projects that may only be interesting or useful for 1 in a million, but the web allows you to reach that 1 in a million.

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I have to say I found the video a bit creepy, gave up about a quarter of the way through. I didn't mind too much the ghostly face above the wheelchair but the talking dog did me right in. I am sure the information is helpful to those who need it but did it need the talking dog?


One interesting point was the "telephone tree" I am guessing that this is the menu system of press 4 now choose from 5 more, press 3 etc or have I got it wrong?

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