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Hi, I would love some help, if you could please correct my essay? If I could help you in return, that'd be great, too! 你好!你有时间的话,请可以帮我更正我的文章吗?谢谢!我也想帮你提高你的英文。




     很多国家都有能源危机,于是我们需要认真的改变。我们需要保留子孙后代的环境。即使煤是中国最大的能源,这不是可行的长期计划, 因为是是竭泽而渔,不过中国已经是太阳能板的主要出口国。 中国有许多水力发电,太阳能和风能设施。2018年以来,中国有个模范的环保税。

     我们还能做些什么?我们需要养成更环保的习惯, 减少白色污染。塑料的分解需要400多年的时间,而且塑料引起海洋污染,危害动植物。 

     2008年6月1日,中国政府规定禁止生产,销售和使用超薄塑料购物袋。在所有超市和购物中心已不给免费塑料袋。 购物者必须自己买或自带袋子。 同样,在悉尼,有的人应尽可能用纸袋或布袋。听说,回收的塑料袋也能用制造塑料座椅。 代替买一次性的瓶装水,还应用自己带水,减少用一次性塑料餐具和杯子。在悉尼,如果你带自己的杯子,一些咖啡馆会给你折扣。




     Ordinary people have always had a deep impression of the beauty of nature and hoped to take care of it. How can the present society be environmentally friendly? Some of the ways we can do this include renewable energy, reducing plastic waste and recycling. We must attach more importance to the environment.

     Many countries have energy crises, so we need to make serious changes. We need to preserve the environment for future generations. Although coal is China’s largest energy source, and this is not a viable long-term plan because it is “draining the pond to catch the fish”, however, China is already a major exporter of solar panels. China has many hydroelectric, solar, and wind power facilities. Since 2018, China has also had an exemplary environmental protection tax. 

     What else can we do? We need to develop more environmentally friendly habits and reduce “white (plastic) pollution”. Plastic takes more than 400 years to decompose, and plastic can pollute the ocean and harm plants and animals.

     On the 1st of June, 2008, the Chinese government banned the production, sale, and use of “super-thin” plastic shopping bags. All supermarkets and shopping centres no longer give away free plastic bags. Shoppers have to buy them or bring their own. Similarly, in Sydney some people use paper bags or cloth as much as possible.  I heard that recycled plastic bags can also be used to make plastic seats. Instead of one-time use plastic bottles, we should also try to bring our own water, and reduce the use of disposable plastic tableware and cups. In Sydney, if you bring your own cup, some cafes will give you a discount. Also, as long as we don’t throw rubbish carelessly, we can also keep public places clean.

     We don't have to drive cars all the time. Some people walk to work, some students ride bicycles to school. In addition to environmental protection and energy saving, they also find that exercising is good for health. Finally, by growing plants and discouraging people from smoking, we can also keep the air free of severe smog.

     In this way, we can successfully pay attention to the environment, and gradually improve its condition. By uniting and working together, we can make progress in protecting a green planet. Let's work hard!

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