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What's a good sugar-free, caffeine-free drink that is usually available at convenience stores or grocery stores?


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I'm trying not to drink so much sugar.  Evidently it's not good for us, even in small amounts.  So I started drinking bottled teas.  But these contain caffeine, which keeps me from sleeping properly if I drink it in the evening, say with dinner.  What's out there that's non-caffeinated and sugar-free, and can be bought at most shops?


I tried Gatorade (it's got electrolytes) which is OK, but it's loaded with sugar.  Fine if you're exercising perhaps.  I tried that kind of unsweetened tea with the playing card faces on the label.  Good, but has caffeine.  I know about Coke Zero, and get it often, but it gets old and anyway coke is terrible unless served ice cold.  Around here, they turn off the fridges in the convenience stores in winter.  Water gets boring.  Hot white tea I make fresh, but again with the caffeine.  What else is out there?  

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I drink loads of the Ito En green tea in bottles... didn't realise it had caffeine in it until I just looked it up. I certainly don't notice it. Zero calories. 


Apparently they also do Barley Tea (mugicha) which is caffeine-free. I've never seen it or tried it, but will keep a look out for it.





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I learned in my tea course that all steepings of the Camellia sinensis plant have caffeine.  😩  Not as much as coffee, but when I drink tea I tend to make several cups, so it could be an issue. As I have had a bad problem with insomnia frequently keeping me up till dawn, I am trying to cut out caffeine anytime but the morning.  


I found a kind of rice tea from Hong Kong I really liked.  Unfortunately the border closing cut off the daigou I buy from, so no more of that for a while.  😭

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Rooibus tea is caffeine free and good iced or hot.

You can get teabags easily on Taobao. I just got a delivery of 160 teabags recently. 

The amount of caffeine in green and white tea is very small. If you find that influences your sleep then definitely avoid any type of caffeine. Coke Zero still has caffeine in it. 

Otherwise seems quite hard to get grocery store drinks that are both caffeine free and sugar free. Most sugar free drinks seem to be tea! Most caffeine free seem to be sweet 😂

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I, too, look for everything without sugar, I mostly drink tea, since it is low in calories, if you want something like a meal, then I buy vegetable milk without sugar

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