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Chinese stand-up show


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Spotted an article in the SCMP, but it's paywalled and I can't read it. However, a little bit of work and...


脱口秀大会 doesn't seem to have been mentioned on here before. Usual vote-on / vote-off thing, I think, looks like a more UK / US (forgive me, I know little of other countries) approach to comedy, with lone performers doing slice of life / aren't men and women different shticks, and not so reliant on puns and references. Plenty of them on Youtube and no doubt mainland-accessible sites.


Only minor problem is that I haven't found any funny bits yet, with the possible exception of the first few seconds here.  I can see it working quite well as listening practice though (or material for listening lessons). 


The walk on music, for anyone else wondering, is the old song Since You've Been Gone,  by Rainbow.

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3 hours ago, roddy said:

the old song Since You've Been Gone,  by Rainbow.


Thanks for that. 🙈


Classic school disco material when I was at high school.  And for some reason I listened to it voluntarily the other day...


btw: is this the article? https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/entertainment/article/3109764/chinese-stand-comedy-gets-shot-arm-women-comedians-who-mine z

Not firewalled for me.  Currently VPN via LA. Also have Adguard installed.


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Recent article about the same show that isn’t behind a paywall:


I listened to a few sets but I didn’t laugh much. Was thinking it might just be untranslatable humor, but on the other hand, I often laugh at Taiwanese comedians (although I haven’t seen any Taiwanese standup so it’s not a direct comparison).

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