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I am HIV positive, is there any point in trying to study in China


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I am HIV positive in 2018 and have been on therapy since then. And the virus has long been undetectable. Now I am thinking about studying in China, but nowhere is there an exact answer whether I can study there with my status or not. There is a topic about this in 2017, but there is no exact answer, or whether this person succeeded in going to study. And most importantly, I want to study there for more than 6 months. Please, who knows, answer the question.

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i don't know about student visa, but for work ones they have you do a medical (blood being part of it) and they check for it. If it's undetectable - it's probably possible. but you would have to lie and then getting the meds you need would be very hard. it's probably not worth it. Maybe Taiwan might be more doable. But I don't know. hopefully someone can give you a better answer. In my opinion I would try somewhere else

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Are you taking medication? Medication you'll bring with you? Medication you'll need to re-supply in China? Or do you need to be re-tested regularly to know that your condition hasn't changed? If so, then even if you test negative, it's reasonable to assume they will know at some point -- there are no secrets in China -- so I would not consider flying under the radar an option.


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thank you for your answer.

I have been taking the medicine for two years now. And I discussed this with my doctor. He said that if there is no direct refusal from the Chinese side because of my status, he can give them to me for one year. And a year later, undergo research in my country. And then still get it for a year. 

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If memory serves correctly, you need to do a medical check on arrival in China on a student visa, and you have to do it on first arrival. I think it may be in the first month, its certainly quite soon having arrived. It is mandatory in order to receive the permit that allows you to stay in the country. Part of this medical test is a blood test, which again if memory serves correctly , tests for HIV.


Having googled it, this article seems to say HIV sufferers are now allowed to enter the country - https://www.goodtogoinsurance.com/travel-news/hiv-sufferers-are-no-longer-restricted-from-travelling-to-china#:~:text=The Chinese authorities have lifted,conditions can enter the country.


"28 April 2010: The Government of China announced the lifting of entry restrictions against people with HIV/AIDS with immediate effect. The entry ban against people with leprosy and with sexually transmitted diseases was also lifted."


As you say it is undetectable, and you could get enough medication for your stay I'm thinking this plan of your is an option (whereas previously i would always advised it as a NoNo). What I am going to recommend is you do some serious research to check it is legal, and I am going to wish you with all my heart the best of luck.  I would advise as others have, do nothing illegal in China, it really is a serious country about law & order. But if it's now legal, why not take sufficient medication, take the test, pass it, study, better yourself. No need to tell anyone, or declare the medication (if you don't have to).


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Thank you very much for your answer


I received a response from UNAIDS China to my question. And I want to please you that PLWHA have the right to study and work in China.
I have attached the answer I received. I hope this helps other people having the same problem as mine.


Thank you for reaching out to UNAIDS China Office.


In fact, China has lifted the travel ban toward international PLHIV in 2010, and re-confirmed the policy when UNAIDS conducted an international survey among all member states about removing HIV-related travel restrictions in 2018. So, International PLHIV are allowed to travel, stay, and resident in China.


However, the implementation of the policies is uneven in different provinces and at different levels, given considered discrimination still exits among general public. UNAIDS had some experiences to deal with cases when international PLHIV had difficulties to study or work in China. Fortunately all cases have been solved with satisfactory result under the support from international organizations, travel health associations and community groups.


Regarding your case, I think you can apply for study in China, go for the test and ask your doctor to write on the report that you are on treatment and the virous load is undetectable. You may get the permission by the university that you applied.


But I would like to remind you about medicine. The ARVs in China is different from other developing countries. The China generic ARVs are not free for international PLHIV, and the brand name ARVs are expensive. So you need to be prepared as well.

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Consider having that letter printed and translated, perhaps even by a certified translator with a stamp, and keep it with you when you go anywhere in China. The conclusion of the letter is positive and hopeful, but it also sounds like you can expect hassle at times.

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Well done, it sounds like you are really researching this to a deep level. I wonder if it might be best to chose a larger more internationalised city. I say this just as they may be more uptodate with new policy and accepting of it, then smaller places. Things are looking good though! You know if you succeed in this, you can also become a really helpful person to other future students, perhaps even an inspiration!

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