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Expiry date on passport for new RP


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Last time I had less than a year of validity left on my passport and I got a Residence Permit up until the last day (about 10 months in total IIRC).


You have to be very clear that you intend to renew it at an embassy/consulate within China and there shouldn't be an issue whatsoever - since they know that many countries only allow a renewal between 6-12months of the due expiry date.


Still, I wouldn't wait to start the process until you only have 6 months left, since you'll probably be rejected. I don't know where you are from but probably your passport already mentions this 6 months rule in one of the extra pages, have a look.

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Thanks! Yes,I am a looking for more clarification from my embassy (Irish) but they seem to be indicating that I should wait until there’s around 6 months left on it. It’s the China side I’m not sure about, but from your experience, sounds like it would be ok.


I started to get confused when some websites mentioned 12 months validity for a z visa, (and some 6 months). However, perhaps that is for new visa for those entering for the first time, rather than an extension or transfer. 

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No, definitely do not wait since each side is bound to give you misleading information. Your thought process should be:


- Get right now your RP extension/renewal on your passport. Since it's not a new RP per se, they'll adapt its duration to the validity of your passport. 

- Once its time to renew your passport, be it with 6 months, 1 year or whatever validity is there left, go for it. 

- Return to the PSB with both your old and new passport + embassy letter confirming the situation (they'll give you this automatically when you renew your passport) + original work/student/whatever visa documents.

- The PSB will reprint and past the old permit to the new passport, but in most situations you can pay a fee of about 500kuai IIRC to get on the spot a longer RP (let's say that originally you only got 10 months due to the old passport's validity - now they can give you the extra 2 months to make it an even 12).


Regardless, since China is constantly changing their regulations on the matter you should always consult with the PSB by heading there and talking to an officer. 


Hope this helps. 

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