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Chinese Language Youtube Channels - Recommendations Thread


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I realize this thread deals with on-line materials, but the large Xinhua 新华 book store in my part of Kunming had a whole section of books with the sort of content you are seeking. Chinese parents would take their kids there to stimulate learning in a non-classroom way. I also bought books there early on as an easy way of expanding my vocabulary.


Not all of it proved useful. Seldom did I need to know how to say "dolphin" in Chinese, but surprisingly enough "zebra" turned out to be extremely useful. (Quiz question: How did you use "zebra" in daily speech during your time in China?)


In the early part of this century, China was still "backwards" enough to have lots of physical, brick and mortar book stores. Book vendors with large displays on carts were also a frequent sight in parks on the weekend, sometimes in the lobby of a shopping plaza or just on the side of a road. Plenty of the material was educational stuff pitched at kids. 



斑马线 = zebra stripe crossing


1877633064_zebra1-Copysmall.PNG.a7e012dad2215b2a07dd60c3911e1901.PNG 782832574_zebra2-Copysmall.PNG.6e24cf57f2cf15857e4f7777d437b124.PNG



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On 8/3/2022 at 12:25 PM, anonymoose said:

Seems to have all kinds of travel videos from China. Also has Chinese subtitles.


She goes to some interesting spots, but she does not speak very clearly. Not just an accent; she slurs her words. Careless speech. But she is a champion stair climber; would not be surprised to learn that she is part mountain goat. 



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For some light entertaining listening pratice, I am enjoying street interviews and found a playlist of 1k+ videos filled with short street interview segments of ~2mins each - 街訪 - YouTube (even has soft subs!)


another similar playlist by same channel with 1.9k videos (not sure if theres overlap) - 廣州街訪系列 - YouTube  



Also I found a chinese Pick Up Artists youtube channel - 搭讪大师TV - YouTube and looking at his video titles, I am rather repulsed by his views. BUT he has some late night street interviews which is fun to pick up some naughty vocab - 【午夜街訪】 - YouTube (playlist 52 vids)

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