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我的中文水平总算够高了,我几天以前开始了阅读我第一小说的中文版。我开始读的是我本来看英语小说的中文版,因为我这样本来跟故事很熟。例如是Charlotte's Web, The Witches, Hatchet, James and the Giant Peach, The Giver, 等等。我想知道的是,后来呢?我要了读原来用中文写的小说时,应该看什么书吧?我需要的是写给中学生的书大约那个水平。中文世界有好多这样很有趣的小说吗?



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Based on the books you said you have already read, my suggestion would be 草房子. I strongly recommend checking out this forum post for more info. I haven't read that book yet but it seems like a book designed for middle schoolers in a similar vein as the books you have read already, except purely chinese. 


Also, the most common first novel recommendation I see around here is 活着 by 余华. It was the first novel I ever read in chinese and I loved it. It isn't intended for middle schoolers though it is written in very simple language (I am sure you will be able to read it) and the story is great in my opinion (I am a big fan of dark/sad stories). If you are interested in learning about life as a poor farmer during the cultural revolution time period, farming vocabulary, or sad stories in general then I strongly recommend this book. 

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