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Hey guys,

I have heard that an advantage that BCLU's short term courses have over their long term is that, if you join short-term, it's quicker to jump between levels if you are advancing more quickly than expected. If you join a one-year program, you'll be stuck at that pace no matter your imporvement.

Let me know if that assumption is correct.

Okay, so, what I am asking is...

Considering, this as well...


When I go, I am -sure- I will stay at least 1 year in school.

Would I be better off joining the short term program and renewing and trying to skip up levels all year? Or, would I be better off signing up for the 1 yr program right off the bat?

From the prirces, it seems that I won't save much by doing the 1 yr program.

I think I should start here.

Aug. 3—Aug.30, 2006 (4 weeks)

and then study my butt off, so I can possibly start here.. in a not so beginner course.

Sept.14,2006—Jan. 26, 2006 (20hrs/week, one semester)

and then if I'm Lovin' it. I can start again here...

Feb. 23—Jul.07, 2006 (20hrs/week, one semester)

Or if not, consider trying to get into one of the intensive programs I should by then be qualified for.

This is what I am considering in comparision to starting the 1 yr program at BCLU in Sept.01, 2006—

and what about the 20 or 30 hr option?

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Hope someone answers this. Turns out I'm planning about the same time frame. I was thinking of coming to Beijing sometime early summer to get some prepatory tutoring before a school. Problem is the advance registrations and possible "lock in" for year long programs.

I sent you a private email a couple days ago via forum. Did you get it?


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Now thats a coincidence... I am looking at exactly the same time frame myself (although could get there a week earlier)... but not sure if BCLU is where I am heading...

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I've been thinking of doing BCLU's quick summer program, then starting the year at DAWAI (in Dalian 大外 the Dalian foreign language thing... ) from September.

IF the schedules match up. I'm not sure whether they do or not actually because I'm having trouble nailing down any information on Dawai at the moment.

How does BNU's program schedules compare to BCLU? Do they also have an intensive track and a normal track?

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Sept.14,2006—Jan. 26, 2006 (20hrs/week, one semester)

That is the exact time I was thinking of going too. I'm starting a new job right now so I can save up for it, but am only going for a semester to see how I advance and like it. I was also thinking of going to BLCU through the WorldLink program. Is it much more expensive to do things that way? It looked promising because of all the extra help and showing around it offers. I'll probably know very little Chinese when I get there, so having an organization around (if that is what it is) could be really helpful. Not that I doubt that there will be other English speakers there.

Does anyone know how earily they want you to come before the start of a semester-only stay like that? I have wedding on the 9th of September, where I am the a bridesmaid, and am taking the semester only thing partly because of that.

Also, are there any recent Canadian highschool graduates at BLCU currently? Did you need that 6 U level credits thing to get accepted or do they just want you to have graduated from Grade 12?

Lastly, on average, how much does it cost for about a year of schooling there, everything (living, food, etc.) considered? Affording education in a foreign country with no financial assistance is my biggest barrier to education in China. I wouldn't want four years of Universityto be spread out over 7 years or more because I'd have to come home to work for a year when I could no longer afford it.

Sorry for all the questions. :P

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