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Anyone has 台灣社會短文集 or Information about its contents?


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Is this book different from Taiwan Today???

I've seen the ICLP version of the Taiwan Today book with a rather old-fashioned cover available in Taiwan.


But there's also a version available from Cheng and Tsui that's very up to date with lots of good audio. It's in its third edition. I always thought that the C&T version was the continuously revised version of the ICLP book, but I could be wrong. If it is an updated version,  I don't have any idea whether the ICLP version was updated in parallel with the C&T version, or whether they really have any connection at all.


Anybody know the real story???



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As far as I know, the TW version of Taiwan Today hasn't been updated like the US version has. It's still a great textbook though.


But 台灣社會短文集 is definitely not the same as Taiwan Today (which is called 今日台灣). Taiwan Today is an intermediate-level textbook (a supplementary textbook at Level 4 at ICLP), and 台灣社會短文集 is fairly advanced (the primary textbook at Level 6). That doesn't sound too far apart, but it's actually quite a difference (Level 5, 思想與社會, is the cornerstone of ICLP's curriculum).


台灣社會短文集 is a collection of essays written by intellectuals a for native speaking audience, with annotations for learners. It's a good textbook, but as far as I know, the only way to get it is to either attend ICLP, find someone who's currently at ICLP and is willing to buy it for you, or happen upon a used copy somewhere (that last option won't get you the audio though). If you're at a level where you can handle this book, you can also handle something like The Independent Reader 從精讀到泛讀, which is a similar (but much bigger) collection of essays, and is easy to find.

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台灣社會短文集 sounds great!  Too bad it's not for sale.    🤬  ICLP afraid selling materials would cannibalize their program?  

Not everyone can put everything else on hold and move to THEIR neighborhood to attend THEIR program.    So they might as well just sell them, instead of creating a black market and gaining nothing.  They could make money and expand their reputation by selling their materials to people like us all over the world.  






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