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Characters for Pinyin Chart


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Hi There,


I've been searching the forum and internet in general and have not been able to find a list or chart that shows the characters for each of the pinyin tones.


Which has lead me to belive I have either miss-interpreted something along the way and it does not exist or it's not a conventional learning path.


I'm a new starter and am at the stage of listening to podcasts and watching movies in mandarin chinese to start recognising the tones. I'm also focusing more on learning the tones before I start along the next steps, while I have a number of Anki decks that can play the tones and show a matching pinyin for it, I'd like one where I can recognise the syllable character for each pinyin tone. This could be a chart or list, I'm just not sure where to find one or how to translate pinyin syllables to hanzi. (I'm primarily focusing on tones following the Mandarin Blueprint, but want to match tones to hanzi in spare time.)


Any help or guidence appreciated.





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Interesting though, but I guess as @Jan Finster said, there are so many homophones in Chinese that choosing a character for each pronunciation doesn't really make sense. 


I think your idea is to try and create a "hook" for you to help "remember" each tone/pronunciation combination, or at least something along those lines?


You might want to flip that idea and try to be able to have sounds "play" in your head when you see each character/word, as you can almost definitely do in your native language. Partly how I internalize the sound of each word is to make sure that every word in Anki has native speaker audio. See this anki plugin to grab Forvo audio: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/858591644

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Thats right, I have auditory process disorder so will be spending a long time working on hearing and producing the tones. I have no problem sticking with the pinyin to do this moving forward, I'm actually happy I'm not on a fools errand trying to create an anki deck that will be difficult.


That link is great, thanks.

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You might want to see if you can get hold of something like this,a common sight on the walls of all the best kindergartens. It works by initial / final rather than syllable, not least because you need a thousand or more characters to cover all the syllables (because you're going to want to account for tones). 

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