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I can't make sense of a sentence.


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Hello I recently came across this sentence 我是电脑程序编制员 meaning I am a programmer.

I can't seem to break down this part 程序编制员. I understand 程序员 is a programmer so why do we add 编制?

The second person singular form of the sentence would be 你是一个程序员 so what is 编制?


Any help would be appreciated.

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It's just a more verbose way of saying the same thing — 电脑 and 编制 can both be omitted without introducing any ambiguity. It looks kind of textbook-ese, usually people don't communicate in such a verbose way. 程序员 or 工程师 are both a lot more common (工程师 is more generally "engineer" but often understood as "software engineer" within the IT domain).

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Giuseppe Romanazzi


From left to right his/her profession is clearer indicated.

电脑员: to solve ANY issue about your computer, call her/him!

电脑程序员: don't call her/him if you broke your monitoronly software related issues, please!

电脑程序编制员: 有能力编写代码, in English she/he is a coder.

That is the way to say exactly what you do.

The bigger the company, the more specific is what is done by each 员。

We need to be clear and specific in English as well. To say "I'm a coder" surely is not enough if you are a medical coder, for example.

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this is not a standard way saying programmer. 编制 should not be used this way. 

编程should be the correct one, coming from 编写程序


编程人员 (here adding a 人 is necessary, since this is not a set phrase)


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