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HSK3 Listening - Quick Question


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I took the HSK 3 exam today, and this one particular question has been bothering me. I'd like to know what you all think.


For one of the true/false questions in the listening section, the narrator in the audio sample stated, "...锻炼前一定要踢踢腿..."


The prompt given for the true/false question read as follows: 锻炼前可以踢踢腿


I chose "false" because "一定要“ suggests necessity whereas “可以” would imply a choice to do so or not (可以也不可以)


Am I taking this too literally? One Chinese native friend said this question was a bit unfair. Another friend who has HSK6 qualifications is leaning towards "false" as well, although she is not entirely certain and curious as to what the real answer might be.


What do you all think?



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Seems like a badly formulated question to me. You can't read the question writer's mind as to whether they want you to interpret the question literally (一定要做的事情属于可以做的事情的一部分) or intuitively (一定要做的事情和可以做的事情是两回事).


On the first reading, the answer is true. On the second, it's false.

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