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Translating Satire. Event/Seminar with David N. C. Hull

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Apologies for the short notice!  Just found, and it sounds too interesting* to keep it to myself.


Translating Satire in "The Pidgin Warrior"   Thu, 29 April 2021  14:00 – 15:30 BST
Organised by Liverpool Confucius Institute. 



In this seminar, Dr David N.G. Hull will focus on the techniques of translating the satire of Zhang Tianyi’s  novel 'The Pidgin Warrior.


Zhang Tianyi’s (张天翼 1906-1985) 1936 novel, The Pidgin Warrior(洋泾浜奇侠) presents all manner of problems and opportunities in translation. Among the linguistic hurdles are accents, wordplay, geographic references, censorship and martial arts jargon. But the satire of Zhang Tianyi is anchored in an examination of China’s relationship to nationalism and a newly-critical globalism is the critical period at the beginning of the Japanese invasion. How can a translation remain faithful to the original while providing an English-language reader sufficient context to appreciate the work?


ETA: * How interesting? Like this article from the Chinese Channel in LARB says: 

National Absurdity – China Channel


The novel can be read in Chinese here:

洋泾浜奇侠 (shuku.net)

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This one looks really fantastic, I'm already in Zoom meetings all day Thursday unfortunately, and no way out - anyway, enjoy, and I'll cross my fingers a recording is made available!

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17 hours ago, Tomsima said:

a recording is made available

From a previous CI event I attended, it seems they record all the events - but not the Q&A part. I don't know if or where the recordings are made public, I'll keep an eye for that. You might be able to get access to the video from Liverpool University Chinese Dept, or from David Hull - I think he is at University of Maryland.


I'm really sorry you have to miss the event.

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That was a very interesting talk. I'm going to put this on my to be read list 😀

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2 hours ago, amytheorangutan said:

a very interesting talk

Yes! Inspiring and very instructive too, it was an excellent presentation and David Hull seems to have the right approach to translation. Unfortunately it was too short, 90 minutes or so went like a breeze, it ended right in the middle of very interesting questions from students and staff - why can't they make these seminars at least 2 hours long? I was a bit distracted by the cat but still learnt a lot. 


2 hours ago, amytheorangutan said:

I'm going to put this on my to be read list

It already is on mine! I'm going to read the Chinese alongside the translation, already have both waiting in the Cloud.


On 4/27/2021 at 4:21 PM, Tomsima said:

I'll cross my fingers

Your fingers might get cramps. Someone asked. Apparently they just record for their archive! However, if you contact Penny Ding at the Dept. of Modern Languages, Univ. of Liverpool, you might strike lucky. Worth trying.

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