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Words on a antique box and its label c.1900

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Hi everyone! I bought this box today. Id love ot know of anybody can read it. There is a small label too. Thabks for any assistance. 



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千首新诗一竿竹, a search showed it's a line from this Su Shi poem: https://www.gswen.cn/poetry/627494857.html. Checked my anthologies and can't find a translation by someone who knows what they're doing, even into modern vernacualr; the line in context reads:


Which is something about sharing the view of the moon with his friend (it's a poem bidding farewell) and metaphorically buying the priceless beauty of the mountains for him, then our line, " a thousand new poems one bamboo pole" then a bit about fishing to no success from a raft on the Han River so I think it's suggesting he'd exchange a thousand new poems for a fishing rod as something else to share with his friend.

Look forward to better versions!


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Woah! Thabks for putting the effort in! I remember from my literature degree how much difficulty there is when translating poems from Chinese. That is a beautiful sentiment, Im glad you told me. This box means a lot more to me now. 

The auto translation to English by my browser is terrible. All nonsense haha. 

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11 minutes ago, NaytanDova said:

Do you have any idea what the little red label says? 

Asked a couple of friends and we reckon it's 加大画筒 which would be extra large scroll (painting) cases, then it says 2分 underneath, i.e. there's a pair of them. Not 100% but seems the sort of thing that would go with the Su Shi quote.

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