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Triplet sisters name help


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I have this character who is a triplet but I am having a hard time figuring out what the last character of her name should be (任子__)

So far her other triplet sisters are named 任子婷 and 任子婧, and I wanted her last character to have a similar meaning to their's. 

(Some of her personality traits, if it helps. She's smart, respectful and is very leader like.)

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I discussed this with a native and they suggested 子益 sounds nice, taken from the idiom 集思广益 which means 'draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas' with 益 itself meaning 'benefit, profit, advantage', which has the smart and respectful side.


Alternatively, they suggested 子君 also sounds good, taken from 君临天下 which means to govern from above with 君 meaning 'sovereign, ruler' which would incorporate the leadership side.

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On 7/18/2021 at 2:50 AM, 889 said:

Assuming you want the 女 radical in there, consider 子娟.



This is a good option!!

To add to that, here are some other options:
任子娆 - 娆 (ráo) ‘graceful, charming, fascinating‘

任子妍 - 妍 (yán) ‘beautiful, handsome; seductive’. When used as a name, it means clever, intelligent, elegant, and honest.
任子 - 婕 (jié) ‘handsome’. Also refers to the female official name, jieyu (婕妤), a title for a third-rank imperial consort, one rank below the Zhaoyi and two ranks below the Empress. Consort Ban (班婕妤) is a famous historical example - she was a Western Han Dynasty scholar and poet. When 婕 is used in a name, it means intelligent, graceful, educated, and beautiful.
任子妤 -  (yú) ‘beautiful, fair, handsome’. The basic meaning is the same as 婕. Also used in the imperial consort title jieyu (婕妤).

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