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Getting a Business Visa to enter China and later convert to student Visa?


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Does anyone know how realistic it would be to get an invitation (PU) letter for a Business (M) Visa and then converting to a student one once in China?


I have been wanting to study in China for 2 years now, but my exchanges got cancelled multiple times, and I am now trying to brainstorm unorthodox ways to get to China. My university has exchanges with Chinese universities for the upcoming semesters (both Fall and Spring). As far as I understand, the only visas available to foreigners currently are Work, Business, and Family Visit Visas.


Since it would seem easiest to get the Business Visa, could I get a Chinese company to send me a semi bogus invitation letter by using contacts and get a Business Visa that way? Would it then be realistic to fly there, go through quarantine etc, and convert to a student visa and study there in ~September?


I would be eternally grateful for any comments, insights etc, as I have successfully obtained a visa before but never got to use it or go through the process during COVID-19!




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Considering there are people on the forums who did this with family visit visas, it sounds realistic. Of course assuming you have a legitimate reason to obtain a business visa. Of course I also have no first-hand experience.


Would be interesting hearing how it works out for you.

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To be honest with you... Forget about it.


Wait another year... I think September 2022 might be the first semester available.

PU are actually hard to get even for people who have been working in China for a long time, and already have a job there... It is possible to get M Visas at this moment, I know people working in Beijing Olympics, so there are always exceptions, but I still think it is really hard.


I would suggest you stop scheming since you might regret making a stupid decision. Just focus on studying for now and by then you might be able to attend not only language courses but other courses as well. If by any chance you want to try, avoid Beijing, try a secondary province like Jilin.

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CLTC Higher Education

Dear Henry,


Highly recommend to wait without applying visa but you can submit your application and start studies online, as now visa laws are much more regulated and they will be checking all details and your purpose to enter China. If things go down south then it can throw a spanner into becoming a student in China the normal legal way itself since they would add a penalty for misuse of visa.


CLTC Higher Education

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