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Celebrating a listening comprehension milestone (feel free to share yours, too) -- I understood a live performance!

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Nicely done! Watching and understanding something on stage is a pretty big acheivement, and I think quite a bit ahead of me right now. No subtitles is one thing for easier audiobooks, but being in a theatre definitely takes the game to a whole different level.


My own recent milestone was recently when I finished watching 《赘婿》. About two years ago I remember saying to someone that I wished I could watch Chinese shows for fun in the same way I watch English. I'm not at 100% understanding all the time yet, but 《赘婿》was definitely closer to fun than study. I've also found that the experience of reading novels is getting kind of close to reading for fun in English.


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Mine's not nearly as "exciting" or "fun" but I found it really encouraging. I'm about to start my last semester of Chinese for now and we have a series of textbooks we use. In preparation for class, since I haven't actually attended a full language focused class since 2019 (my previous two subjects were more literature focused), and I was skipping a semester since I wanted a challenge, I picked up the listening textbook used in the two Chinese classes above that. To my surprise, on first listen to the recordings I was able to understand maybe 60% without preparation, and 80-90% on a second listen. Considering I'd done no explicit listening practice for at least a year, including not having watched any Chinese shows, I was pretty stoked that my listening ability actually appeared to have improved a lot.

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On 7/16/2021 at 2:47 AM, 艾墨本 said:

Are there any listening comprehension milestones that other's have passed?


One that surprised me was going to see movies in Kunming (in the theater) and later not remembering if the dialogue had been in Chinese or English. I remembered the content of the film, remembered the characters and the action, but just hadn't thought about the language enough to know what version I had seen. (Sometimes these were American films released on the Mainland in Chinese editions 中文版。)


I also remember being caught up short a couple times when part of a film  moved to Thailand. Whoa! What are they saying? It was startling to suddenly not be able to understand. Had to start reading the Chinese subtitles, and that was an unwelcome struggle. 



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I love that effect, happened with a Chinese drama for me. I would get 20 minutes in to an episode and suddenly my brain would whisper "oh hey, just FYI this is in Chinese, I noticed you forgot" and it was the strangest sensation for my brain to suddenly become cognisant that it was hearing Chinese and not English.

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