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Anti-capitalist poster? 1975


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Among the photos I took in Zhengzhou in 1975, I have two shots of what is presumably an anti-capitalist or anti-foreigner poster, together with people looking unhappy about me photographing it. I can remember nothing about the situation - people were normally very friendly and pleased to see us. I can't really read this - e.g. I see that Wang Kangnian is a proper name and he has a brother, but I would be grateful if someone could type out what of the text is legible (my Chinese is really ropy). And what would the overall meaning and context of this poster be?



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The first chapter has too many characters I can't quite read, so I'm skipping that one, but here is the rest. What an amazing photo you have there. I'm not sure if the content of the story is something that happened locally, or supposedly happened locally, or is a story from elsewhere, but the illustrations and calligraphy are not something standard.


2. 在电台勾搭上女广播员杨惠倩





3. 越剧名伶马樟花





4. 一笔巨款骗到手





5. 王康年的哥哥王康庆








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Thanks very much. I had done A Level Chinese, for what it's worth, and so I photographed posters in the hope I might read them one day. I didn't do the whole of this one, perhaps because it looks as if it felt uncomfortable, and I have hesitated to post here because I know nothing about it.

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Here's what I could read of the first panel:

安插在上海大惠电台 充当新闻报告员


x where it wasn't clear. Did a search on Li Zhongying and there were some stories about a traitor agent in Shanghai by that name in the 1940s but not much detail on a quick look.

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Thanks very much, Jim and Lu - this is great. Silly of me not to attach enough importance to the poster at the time and see it was so different from allthe others. I can actually understand some of it (with the help of the pinyin from Google Translate). The villains do get a Western appearance, don't they? but they were Chinese.

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From Wikipedia:



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I did see that - is there something I'm overlooking? They would not put it up in 1973, but in 1972 - but on the other hand, it all happened behind closed doors. Still, the 'it was 20 years ago' on the poster suggests it was linked to the date.

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