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Which kinds of stoves does (and dosn't) 炉灶 refer to?


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Came across 炉灶 and wanted to add it to Anki, so I tried to find the difference in meaning between 炉子 and 炉灶. The former shows all kinds of stoves when googling/baiduing for images. But I when was looking for 炉灶 only gas stoves came up.


I just wanted to ask for confirmation from someone more knowledgable, weather 炉灶 only refers to gas stoves or just gas stoves came up because they are the most widely used stove type in China. Or if there maybe is no difference between those two words at all, just another case of regional variants?  

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Cannot give you a scholarly answer. But when shopping for a stove in Kunming or, later on, calling the seller or manufacturer for repairs, my native-speaker friends and I referred to a gas stove (cook top only, no oven) as 炉灶 and an electric stove as 电灶。I had several of each over the years that I lived there. 


The people on the other end of the conversation, namely the sellers or the repair shop staff, used those same terms. (On the phone and face to face.) This is not to say that some other terms might exist, or that usage might be different in other parts of China. 


I've also heard 灶台 used to refer generally to a cooktop or range. The term doesn't imply gas or electric; seems to be used for either.  Bear in mind that the vocabulary also must fit rural cooking arrangements, such as this (fueled by wood.) I've usually heard these called 灶台。





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