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If the mainland borders remain closed to students...


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Taiwan is already open for people who want to study Chinese. You can ask the admissions about the process. Of course, be ready for the additional requirements like taking an RT PCR test 2 days before your flight to taiwan and doing quarantine for 7 days then another 7 days for self-management. 🙂

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On 5/20/2022 at 9:05 PM, Curious said:

Taiwan is already open for people who want to study Chinese

That is not fully the case yet. However its looking good and I personally think we should be able to have students study in Taipei again within the next few months.

But then, I have been wrong quite a few times with my predictions in the last two years....

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On 5/23/2022 at 10:13 PM, alantin said:

In short, I'm getting numb and cynical, just like the third Chinese person within the last couple of weeks to tell me today that they had stopped watching news and waiting for things to get better. Now I'm not just rethinking my relationship with China, but also my whole career path, since I realize that one big reason for me to stay in my current job for the last couple of years has been the promised future projects in China. But I'm not willing (or of the opinion that it is even possible) to do them remotely from here or to wait for China to maybe open in the next five years. Maybe I'll take on another interesting opportunity (not involving China), that I've been putting off in order to go to Shanghai, keep studying Chinese on the side, and go spend some time in Taiwan next year. Maybe that will lead to new work opportunities involving the language sometime in the future too.


I can't keep waiting for China forever. Have to move on.


I am not sure I fully understand your post.

Are you upset/disillusioned with your company, with China or both?[later on you mention opportunities "not involving China", but still hoping you can go to Shanghai... (?) Are you implying going there as a tourist?


It seems COVID and ensuing policies has really shattered many ideas we had about China. Yesterday I spoke to a Chinese friend, who works here in Germany. He said he was ashamed of his nation for the current situation in "Shanghai". 


COVID and Chinese policies challenged many learners' motivation about Chinese. It also meant cancelled gap years or business trips to China. I am in the same boat. I used to visit China 3 times per year to conduct seminars, enjoy good food and explore new cities. I personally travelled to Taiwan for culture, food and language. Personally, my motivation has not faded away even though I am realistic enough to know I may not set foot into China before 2024. I guess it is a bit like investing in the stock market. Currently, my stocks have taken a major hit,  but I am in it for the long run. So, I am still holding them optimistically hoping things will improve. Similarly, with China I am in it for the long run. I still think China is a major part of the future. Also, whenever I hear Chinese tourists abroard and I am able to understand some of their conversation, I feel an inner joy.

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Disillusioned with China opening up soon. It’s the third year I’m waiting for it to open up “next year”. I’d say I’m in it for the long term too, so now I’m basically thinking about doing something else for a while, that should offer better learning opportunities than my current work does, and then see what opportunities come up when China eventually does open up some day. My current job is ok, but I feel it doesn’t offer as much learning opportunities any more as it once did and staying just for the hope of doing something with Chinese people someday isn’t a good reason anymore not to take other opportunities (even if they don’t have connections to China) if they offer other more tangible benefits. 

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