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Is it possible to be a university student (in Beijing)and get an internship in another city? Internship visa question


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I am currently a student in a university in Beijing, with a scholarship and a student visa. I got an internship in Hangzhou so I need to change my visa to an internship visa. The company who wants to hire me (as an intern, that is) asked me what documents does my uni need to process the change of the visa, so l went to my school´s office and they told me they cant process an internship visa for outside of Beijing. I asked if it was because of covid and they said no, its always like that. I told the company and they said they will check the regulations in Hangzhou (l dont understand what they meant by this) and they asked for a photo of my current visa. So, does anyone know if there is a way (legal, obviously) to change my visa in Beijing with the permission of my school to go to another city to do an internship? I mentioned earlier l am a scholarship student so working visa is out of question since l would loose the scholarship. Please dont tell me to ask in my school, theire not really helpful (l really mean it, not because they denied me this time). Also, l found a bit weird that the company in Hangzhou knows that l am currently a student in Beijing and they didnt know about this issue (unless, of course, they knew and didnt tell me).

Thank you.

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According to the answer from 北京市公安局, it seems you can only accept the internship from a company in Beijing.


You'd better consult 北京市公安局出入境管理总队 directly. Their hotline number: 12367

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