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Groundbreaking tech: can be used for more immersive viewing experiences with Chinese/China related videos


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I don't really post much on anywhere, including these forums, but I happened upon a technology that I didn't know existed and it impressed me so much I just can't help but share. For those interested it can be used to feel more immersion when watching online videos about China, of people exploring China, language lessons, movie/TV clips and more. It is really more of two types of technology combined. The first part is the less cool part. A fairly standard sized tablet that has a glasses free 3d display. It is the most impressive version of this technology I have seen so far, greatly surpassing the quality of the 3ds or Fujifilm 3d camera from back around 2011-12, which is already a big selling point on its own because it could theoretically (and actually is) used to watch movies that were created for 3d, educational materials designed for 3d viewing, 3d app store games, take 3d pictures and videos with the built in camera etc. I actually bought the tablet for this reason.


But then while using the tablet, I discovered the second cool bit of tech, and I think it is completely revolutionary! It allows you to take YouTube videos and share them to an app on the tablet, that then uses an AI system to convert the video (in most cases within 5-20 sec) into 3d that is viewable on the display with no glasses. And I mean it works for videos that were just taken as regular videos in a normal 2d format with no intention of 3d conversion/use. It is extremely hard to do this concept justice without actually seeing it for yourself. I think at this point a lot of people are used to all the latest VR, AR, 3d tech that works with content that is built specifically for those modes of entertainment. But with this new technology, the possibilities just became endless. You can watch any 2d youtube video out there in 3d, on a normal sized tablet, with no glasses. 


I watched videos of people walking around the streets of different cities of China and the level of immersion is amazing. In a way it almost feels like you are there, because the crowd, the shelves on stores, signs, architecture, plants, everything has depth into the screen and even pops out of the screen depending on the angle and position. I tried it with tv shows, movie trailers, interviews, sports matches/highlights, concerts, gameplay videos. It works with anything. Even with 2D animation! It turns 2d animated film clips, anime episodes, or beautiful 2d animated elements of regular videos into unbelievable gorgeous 3D that has depth/pops off the screen. I don't know if I had ever even thought about the idea of auto converting regular footage into a 3d version, but taking something that is 100% flat 2D animation, and turning it within seconds into a beautiful 3D version is definitely something that I had never imagined would be possible. For example I uploaded an old video slideshow of my family, that is animated with pretty watercolor style flowers blossoming and moving around, outside of different style frames that contain either photos, or videos of me and my family/friends. Each element of that video was converted into 3d and the overall effect was not only visually stunning, it allowed me to see old moments/memories, places and moments, some that I was never originally there for, and videos of me and others in 3d. 


The name of the device is the Lume Pad, and here is the link to the product page for those who are interested https://www.leiainc.com/ (apparently still 399 for a Christmas sale, but that could end anytime). Just as a disclaimer, I have no relationship to any/all companies related to the product I am describing and hardly know anything about the company I bought the device from. I didn't even know the company/product existed until the day I discovered/ordered it a week and a half ago. The reason I am making this post is because the product/technology impressed me so much, I wish everyone could experience it. I hope it succeeds and develops into an even better version in the future. It does not seem like this product has been marketed well/aggressively at all, and I"m concerned that it will completely go unnoticed. There isn't much info out there on it outside of some tutorials on youtube by the company itself, and a handful of reviews. If this does sound interesting to you, for the above reasons I highly, highly recommend it. I should note that the technology is of course not perfect though, and it the 3d comes out converted best when using high definition videos, but still works very well with even borderline low quality videos. Sometimes the depth of objects and things gets mis interpreted and ends up popping out when it should be going into the screen or the opposite, and it works less well with dark blurry environments in videos, but these things are minor compared to all the aspects and percentage of the time that it works well. Overall from what I've experienced in just a few days, it completely changes/ehances the way existing videos of anything can be experienced. 


On an unrelated note, in case anyone was wondering what happened with the Japanese<>Chinese simultaneous interpretation practice session audio recordings, I ended up having a lot other things happen and that needed more focus so I was not able to continue the way I was before, however I do still keep up with practice and interpret between all three language pairs in all 6 directions now on a regular basis for work, and I can feel how much the practice continues to pay off. I have by no means perfected the art, but I think I've finally reached the point where I can just keep going with all three language pairs and build my skills constantly overtime. I worked really hard to get to this point so it feels nice to see everything finally come together. 


Happy holidays/new year to everyone!

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well had a google and found a channel I can trust that looks at this tech: How Lightfield Displays Will Make Holograms Possible - YouTube  - Adam Savage Tested. Lets see what the verdict is. Looks like plenty of big channels have looked at this tablet though

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I'm not that familiar with the reviewer (name sounds vaguely familiar), but I just watched his review in 3d on my Lume Pad. His review is fair and accurate for the most part. Since I own the device I have tried the auto convert to 3d of youtube videos on tons of different video genres and some of them are so realistic you don't even notice the flaws he points out (like slightly blurred object silhouettes when in motion). And it doesn't look like he tested any normally 2d flat animation, which again looks absolutely amazing on the device. The best way it can be simulated without actually using a 3d display is with images like these that I converted from still 2d to 3d simulations ( 2D Lakeside scenery , Mount Fuji with cherry blossoms , Tokyo city street , undersea 2d image , 2D animated movie image ) However this doesn't even come close to a fraction of how amazing 2d animation looks converted to 3d with their tech. Related to China,  recipe videos of Chinese food, drone fly throughs of big cities, natural reserves, handcrafts, performances, talk shows, tours of theme parks, university campuses all look really nice and convincing in 3d. Almost everything does


I also noticed some really cool things happening when I watched the video in 3d. When he is holding up his device, it looks like he is in a space within my screen and there is yet another space/world within his tablet screen inside the space in my screen. Him, the table, device in his hand and the room he is sitting in are all in 3d and have real depth, and at the same time the castle, lakeside view, and other images/videos he showed appeared like a smaller mirror into another world within the 3d space in my screen. Hard to describe, but very cool. It was most surreal when he held the device diagonally so the edge was aimed towards the screen because his tablet popped out of my screen, while I could see him/the environment around him, and the space inside his screen all in 3d at the same time.  

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I don't know the actual reviewer tbh, but the channel is run but Adam Savage who was one half of the MythBusters team. They basically make stuff in their workshop (props, costumes, equipment, gadgets etc etc). 

I love your enthusiasm though. I am undecided whether to buy or just wait for the next generation which will hopefully make a big improvement in tech. I dislike impulse buying though. I'll wait until CNY in Feb, hopefully there will be another sale then

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