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Tracking my reading speed

Jan Finster

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Congrats - sounds like you made significant progress! I second that it gets easier the more characters you know - if you see new words in context where you know all the other words helps tremendously.


How do you reliably track your reading speed? Is there an app for that? I have no idea how slow I am (just that my reading speed is slow haha), but would like to also get a ballpark figure at some point. I haven't dealt with any stats until now - I usually know quite quickly if a text is above my level... because I'm drowning in new words... But stats might be helpful for selecting a first "proper" novel at some point, so any tips are greatly appreciated.


Anyway, congrats on your breakthrough! 12,000 characters in a day is something to look up to : )

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On 1/10/2022 at 4:22 PM, SunnySideUp said:

How do you reliably track your reading speed? Is there an app for that?



I just ballparked it (3.5-4 hours 12000 characters).


Imron has the post on: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/20007-what-to-study-after-heisig/?do=findComment&comment=167231


(I am not aware of an app)

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@SunnySideUp, any stop clock will do. You just need to know the number of characters in the text that you want to read. The Chinese Text Analyzer gives you the number of characters if you open the text file with it. Then you just divide the number of characters by the number of minutes it took you to read it. I personally track my progress in excel.


I've noticed significant "easing" of my Chinese too over the last two weeks or so. I've averaged 4 hours of Chinese activities per day over the last ten days during a holiday and I've noticed a lot of things clicking lately. Not any insane leaps in reading speed or speaking ability, but more like relaxing more while doing these activities. Words coming to me easier while speaking with tutors and having more stamina while reading. I've now also watched four episodes of a Taiwanese TV show with only Chinese subtitles and I've had a lot of fun watching it without any trouble following it. I need to stop the video for a few seconds most of the time the subtitles change to be able to read everything and I can then catch what they're saying, but It's still a first time I'm actually enjoying a TV show in Chinese without English!

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On 1/10/2022 at 3:07 PM, Jan Finster said:

I know many people believe in the "don't break the chain" philosophy and small steps will add up. However, for me, whenever I did some really intensive studying (>30 hours per week), I made the most progress.


This has always been my experience too. But small steps important too for not-forgetting, and for filling in gaps you left along the way.



I wondered before, if learning vocabulary gets easier, once you are able to recognise 3000 or so characters


And also, remembering those characters gets easier the more vocabulary you encounter, because you're more frequently seeing the same characters in different words, given those characters a more rounded or 3D feel as you're knowledge of the different ways they can be used increases.

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