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On 3/17/2022 at 5:02 AM, Glyn said:

Hello again, Anton,


The documentation gives no information about how long an import takes, but I've been waiting quite a while for a 500-word vocabulary list import that I need to create a list, which is then needed to create a goal. Any thoughts or information that may help me figure out what went wrong?


Firstly, I am very sorry for not replying @Glyn, I thought I was getting emails whenever there were updates here but I obviously missed that one. Sorry!


A 500-word vocab list import should take less than a minute for the file to be synched up, less than a minute for the file to be analysed/imported and then less than a minute for the local database to synchronise down from the server. If you add a couple of minutes here and there, it shouldn't ever take more than about 10 minutes. Sometimes there is a bit of a lag between when it looks like it is available in the list and when you can actually start using it in the other screens (like the lists).


I'll try and debug that immediately.

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Hi all! Sorry for the long absence. There was lots of marking and then I migrated to several major new versions of various parts of the code.


That means three things.


1. Everything is MUCH, MUCH faster now.

2. There might still be a few bugs 

3. The update is going to be a pain (hopefully the last really painful one though).


For updating the browser extension, just delete and add back again, putting back the login information as before. Installation should finish in 2-3 minutes now, so it's much less of a hassle on that front.


For the main site, it might be a little more annoying (I promise it's worth it!). If you have it in a dedicated profile, the easiest is just to kill the entire navigation history. On desktop, this is a great chance to create a dedicated profile.


If you can't do that then there is a "refresh db from server" button on the System screen that will work, but might take a couple of tries before it properly cleans everything. Again, all data are safe on the server, it is just a little annoying to clean things up and start afresh.


After that, memory usage and speed are MUCH better and everything should feel a lot snappier. Let me know if you have any issues.

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OK. I've updated everything and it is indeed importing MUCH more rapidly. Thank you!


I'm in the process of setting up HSK vocabulary lists from the official lists for HSK v3.

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On 5/23/2022 at 10:05 AM, Glyn said:

I'm in the process of setting up HSK vocabulary lists from the official lists for HSK v3.

Hi @Glyn I included lists for each HSK level by default for all users. They should be visible (are for me!) everywhere where you can use lists. Because they are shared lists you don't see them on the dedicated list screen but they should be available wherever you can actually use a list (goals, repetrobes, etc.). Let me know if that is clear.


By the way, I realised I hadn't properly updated the import docs for CSVs. I actually restricted how they worked a little to make them more accurate but hadn't properly updated the docs. It should be updated now. Basically, you need to import with the word in characters as the first column of a comma separated file. It ignores everything that is not in that column. I will try and add more flexibility later but for creating a list all that is needed is the Chinese word and it should be simple enough to create such a file with any spreadsheet app. That was what the issue was with the file you uploaded above.


Please let me know if that is clear enough!

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I also:

- added another graph on the stats page with waiting reviews/revisions. It shows you how many revisions are waiting cumulatively over time.

- made it possible to reduce the margins on the book reader. Particularly with the glosses below I wasn't getting enough text on my tablet and now it's starting to get pretty usable!

- made the definition popups dependent on the colour mode. So now when you are in light mode the popup will also be light. Plus I added a few more (tiny) improvements to the popup, like clickable synonyms, a border, etc.

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Hi all. I have added a number of improvements for making things easier to get started. Installing and configuring the extension should now be MUCH easier and more comprehensible, and also getting properly set up in the main web app.


Previously it was really not obvious how to get started properly, and I hope it is now much clearer. Now when you click around getting started should be more natural. It's still not perfect but should be much, much easier!


Any feedback is most welcome!

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