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Can 醉 be modified by degree modifiers like 很, 非常 and 有点?


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Can 醉 zui 'drunk' be modified by degree modifiers?

I've read multiple sources that state that 醉 zui cannot be modified by degree modifiers.

This paper for example states that these sentences are incorrect:

*三毛很醉。= Sanmao is very drunk.

*三毛非常醉。= Sanmao is very drunk.

*三毛醉极了。= Sanmao is extremely drunk.

However I've seen many examples of 醉 being modified by 有点 and 非常 in sample sentences on Tatoeba, Yellow Bridge and Line Dictionary.

Are these sample sentences incorrect?

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Just from my experience, I believe that yes it can, so I suspect those samples you've seen are not necessarily incorrect. (I can't view the page of the paper you link to)

But bear in mind that the most natural/pleasing to the ear form when meaning "drunk" (as opposed to intoxicated by beauty etc.) is "喝醉" as in "他喝醉了" and "我没有喝醉".

I don't know how "correct" or otherwise it is but I've heard "他有点醉" used by ordinary people. You could also say "三分醉", and "三分" is a degree of something right? 

Hope thats of some help while you wait for a linguist to give a more definitive answer. 😇


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